Chasing the Finish

In the same way that every logical argument has a conclusion, or scientific & mathematical equations have solutions, submission-based grappling styles have a singular favored outcome: The Finish. 

Submission is the ultimate goal in our martial arts. In realistic application the submission signifies the complete domination of your opponent. In short, submitting your opponent means that you have not only controlled them, but literally have the ability to either kill them or severely maim them should they not submit.  There is nothing more definitive than that. 

This was the original intent that these martial arts were developed with; the goal of controlling an opponent and putting yourself in the position to be able to fatally wound them should there be the need to do so.

At the core of grappling, this remains an imperative: complete control over an opponent

Yes, specific rule sets will always promote the employment of different tactics and emphasis different aspects of the art. It is important to not let these rules warp our vision of what the universal maxim within grappling is: make your opponent submit. 

Think back to the most exciting matches or fights you’ve watched… The chances are they are those with the greatest amount of action and pursuit of a finish. These are the matches and fights that people will gravitate towards. Watching two competitors sit idle and watch the clock, only to move when absolutely necessary, is not exciting nor is it in line with the core martial principles of our collective arts.

Not only is this attitude reflected by many of the greatest minds of our arts, but also in the doctrine of military generals, sports coaches, business people and more. Chasing finality and definitive conclusions is categorically imperative; it isn’t negotiable or circumstantial, it is and should be the goal that we all pursue on the path to mastery and excellence in any discipline. 

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