Why are the grappling arts so special?

I can talk about Theory and Application. I can talk about Technique and Physicality.
I could sit and write millions of posts about these amazing concepts in BJJ & grappling arts, but the fact remains; learning to grapple is challenging for the genius and dum-dum alike- prodigal physical talent or complete athletic newbie. That’s what makes it special.

Everyone has to go through the same learning processes to come out the other side a proficient grappler. It’s not about whether you like gi or no-gi. It’s not about whether you lift weights, box or do MMA. It’s not about whether you want to compete or your simply doing it to stay in shape. Despite the contrasts within the arts of grappling, to become a proficient grappling artist demands the same of all practitioners. 
Some people are going to get there, some people will quit. For some it will take five years, for some it will take fifty. The time it takes to learn is relative, but the science of grappling is objective. It doesn’t change for us, we change for it.
We are not special or unique because we practice the grappling arts; they’re special and unique regardless… We are just fortunate enough to practice.
Thanks for reading.

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