A battle of two states.

Sometimes I feel like we live between two states: Inertia and Motion. We are in a constant state of battle between these two; do we move or do we stay still? Do we act or do we procrastinate? Do we train on the days we feel like shit or just stay at home?

Sometimes the Inertia is too much to overcome; our motivation fails and we wallow in the swamp of stasis. Sometimes the Motion state is easy and we carry momentum throughout the day and it seems easy to be proactive.

We are in a constant state of flux between these two states. It is out choice about which state to foster. To some extent, this is one of the few things we can control; fueling a mindset that allows us to stay in a state of Motion rather than a state of Inertia.

When you actively foster a state of Motion, you can spend more time being productive, building momentum with positive choices over time and grow as a person.

It’s a battle with a clear antagonist and protagonist. We need to actively make positive choices every day to improve our lives. It seems like an obvious equation, but it’s challenging to put into practice and takes a lot of mental discipline.

Thanks for reading.



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