Passing the point of no return.

In any journey traveled, there is a point beyond which it is impossible to turn back. Once this point is passed, things for the traveler will never be the same again.

This is a common trope in story telling, book and films; the protagonist reaches a point where they see the path to their destination, looking back upon the path traveled that got them to where they are before pressing ahead, past the point of no return.

I feel like this is the same with martial arts. Any legitimate martial art journey is a lifelong one guaranteed to be fraught with many highs and lows. There is a point in a martial arts journey where there is no going back; where returning to the way things used to be before is no longer possible. It’s a good thing. It’s a growing thing.

Reaching the point of no return means that you have reached a stage in your journey where your martial art has become part of you. Your identity is tied to your martial art, and it is likewise tied to your identity.

Personally, we will all look back at different points in our journey and identify them as that point. It’s a highly subjective thing. Many will teeter on the edge for a long time, swaying between abandoning the journey and taking the brave steps forward into parts unknown.

If you ever feel apprehension to step past the point of no return, just remember this: It’s never the journey taken that leads to regret, it’s the journeys not taken that lead to a life of regret.

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