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Gi Review: Hyperfly’s HyperLyte Gi

The struggle I’ve found when buying BJJ equipment online is the availability of comprehensive reviews. When you’re about to drop a few hundred dollars on a kimono, you want to make sure that it’s going to good, right?
Recently, I purchased one of the new Black & White Hyperfly HyperLyte kimonos. In short, the newest lightweight gi from Hyperfly hasn’t disappointed.

Let’s start from the beginning. I was looking for a white lightweight, competition legal gi, as my white Pura Vida Manto was starting to get a bit ragged along some of the labeling.

This is probably a good place to say that I’ve been through a fair few gis… I’ve tried products from the Shoyorolls through to the obscures. I’m no gi expert, but I know what I like and I’m very picky about finding it.

After looking at suppliers from the UK and US (your usual BJJHQ rolling deals, Rollmore etc.) I purchased the A2 Black & White HyperLyte model for $183 (AUD) from hyperfly.com.au It took less than a week to arrive, so that’s a major tick in the win column when everything takes an age to get to NZ.

Hyperfly’s Sizing Chart & Measurements

First impressions:

On first wear, I was really happy with the comfort. The 350 gsm cotton wasn’t rough to the touch or to wear and the foam collar sits comfortably.
Now, it’s important to add: I sweat in training. A LOT. It’s embarrassing, but I can easily soak a gi after an hour of rolling. I found that the HyperLyte wicked sweat well; making for a more pleasant experience for my training partners. Compared to some of my harder wearing gis, I found that it breathes well and also dries noticeably quicker on the line after a wash.
Not being pre-shrunk- and me being a bit short in the arms- resulted in a longer sleeve and body length on the jacket on first wear. Since then, I’ve given it 2 hot washes and 2 drier sessions and the fit is now ideal.
I like the cut, and both the pant and arm length are good. It is a little wider through the body and sleeves than I’m used to, but not extremely so. 6 loop draw stings and 8 oz. twill pants result in some robust pants and round out a pretty nice, reliable competition gi.
The pants have slightly longer than 3/4 knee reinforcements, which is a plus. I’ve had lightweight gis in the past with reinforcing that doesn’t even cover my knee when kneeling in combat base. I had a Tatami Estilo 5.0 with this issue and the pants tore along the reinforcing after only a year. It’s a relief when you see attention to design features that improve the longevity of your purchase.
The A2 weighs in at 3.1 Lbs or 1.3 Kgs. I’m yet to see a gi much lighter than that.
One of the things I’ve heard people mention about lightweight gis is that they are easier to make grips on. I’m still undecided on this; from what I’ve come to see, that has more to do with the cut of sleeves and the collaring of a gi than it has to do with the material. Yes, a lightweight gi is going to have a more flexible collar, so I suppose you can make an argument for easier gripping there, but this is the trade for a lighter product I suppose. I haven’t seen a noticeable change in grip fighting success or failure whilst wearing the HyperLyte.
Besides the Hyperlyte crests stitched on the shoulders, the gi has a clean minimalist design. For me, this is a plus. I’m not keen on overly flashy gi design and I like to have the space to put any of my own patches on where I would like.


I’ve now rolled in this gi for over 2 and a half months, so at least 2 dozen times as it’s in my regular rotation of gis. I haven’t had a seam run, a loose stitch or any real niggles with it.

At the price point, I’m really happy to get a good gi to NZ for under $200, quickshipping through was definitely an added bonus. Throwing in a “You can’t teach heart” Gi bag as well with the purchase is always nice and delivery in under a week is pretty damn good.

In terms of fit, I’m really happy with the shrinkage and how it currently fits me. I’m 6 foot and about 88 Kgs, so I sit in an awkward place where I swim in an A3, an A2 is often a little long and buying an A1 is out of the question. To get a good controlled shrink out of a gi can be challenging, but anyone who has had a few gis can get it right.

I’m looking forward to running the gi through a full day of competition to see how well it fares under the demands, but I’m fairly confident that it will hold up without issue. Even after a shrink it’s well within IBJJF regulation on both pants and jacket length. It’s a great gi for hotter training rooms or climates too, as it dries quicker and wicks sweat better too.

Thanks to the awesome team at Hyperfly, you can use the discount code “ABJJ” for 5% off of your next order.
If you’re keen on grabbing your own HyperLyte or a Hyperfly gi, visit www.hyperfly.com.au.
You can also follow Hyperfly New Zealand on Facebook and on Instagram @hyperflynz

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