One of the main reasons that some grapplers are able to improve so quickly is because they develop systematic approaches to grappling.
The difference between a systematic understanding of something and a broad understanding is that those with a systematic understanding have a methodical, logical and step- by- step approach to their learning. A systematic learner is able to implement their system effectively, rather than knowing a wide range of techniques that do not necessarily connect to one another in a sequence.
In Jiu-Jitsu, we see systematic learners start slowly as they piece together principals rather than broad ranges of technique. However, once their foundation of knowledge is developed, their learning trajectory spikes dramatically; often leading to large overall strides in their learning as they apply their systematic understanding to more and more principals and positions.
We can see examples of this concept in the likes of the Ryan Brothers, students of John Danaher, Ryan Hall and the Martinez brothers to name a few. Systems based approaches have made these grapplers some of the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioners in the modern BJJ scene.
Developing a systematic understanding within you training will have far more benefits than just simply trying to link together random techniques you’ve learned. These can be very individual, and you have to factor in things such as your physique, levels of agility and dexterity and more. Once you have an understanding of what your body is capable of, you can begin to develop a system that best fits your preferences and needs.
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