Want to know the secret to improving quickly? Engage with the learning process.

In education, all evidence shows that the most successful students have a high engagement in the learning process. In short: all students who engage with all aspects of learning learn more and learn faster.

Martial arts are no different. Do you genuinely want to improve? Then engage with every aspect of the learning process. 

This means working hard; not just when you feel like it, but all the time to better yourself.

It means putting your ego aside and accepting learning from every source, regardless of whom that takes the shape of.

It means seeking critical feedback about your technique instead of surrounding yourself with people who tell you what you want to hear.

It means training with the most challenging partners instead of taking easy rolls & having rounds off when you’re tired.

It’s damn simple. The blueprint has been laid out for you by your instructors and those who have undertaken the process before you. Take that blueprint and follow it. Don’t just cherry pick the parts that seem nice or easier. You have to accept every aspect.

The curious mind does not leave anything left unexplored. If you’re serious about your journey, then learn to accept that the highest peaks only exist because of the deepest troughs.

Thanks for reading.





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