Warriors in the garden: Fostering resilience.

It is better to be a warrior in the garden than to be a gardener in a war.

It’s a commonly referred to quote in martial arts circles. One way I like to interpret this quote is that it’s better have resilience and not need it than to not have resilience and need it. 

Just like most skills or traits, resilience needs to be developed. To a certain extent, everyone has some innate resilience depending on what they’ve experienced in their lives. We can continue to develop resilience as we continue to go forth into the wider world.

Can the ‘gardener’ ever become the ‘warrior’? I believe so. I’ve seen it and continue to see it through the lenses of martial arts and in my work as a teacher. I see people developing the fortitude to confront challenges that they never thought themselves previously capable of.

All it takes to develop resilience is to step outside of yourself. We can achieve this by taking that step outside of our comfort zones, putting aside our egos and addressing the deficits within ourselves. In this way, any gardener can become a warrior. 

Thanks for reading.



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