Roll with a goal

How often do you find yourself being sucked into a training partner’s game or being controlled from the slap & bump to the buzzer? This could be because you are not setting specific, achievable goals for yourself in your training. Learning to roll with an objective is crucial to making continued progress in your training.

Rolling with a goal is not about winning; beating or submitting your training partner is not a constructive . Your training is not about being ‘better’ than your training partners. It should be about you setting goals for yourself that will help you to make incremental improvements in your game.

In last weeks post, we discussed Newtonian BJJ; the idea that the better you get, the harder it becomes to improve. It is important to understand that the longer you train, the harder it will become for you to make measurable progress. If making progress is becoming harder, you must become more rigorous in your goal setting if you wish to make those measurable improvements.

Once you start moving from Blue belt to Purple and eventually onto Brown and Black; gone are the sessions where you can step onto the mats and learn an entirely mind blowing new technique or strategy. You will have to scrape and crawl towards any small fraction of improvement however you can. The majority of the time, this improvement will be gained whilst you are rolling and implementing what you have learnt; sharpening your current game as you go. Rolling with a goal is important for this aspect. Without specific goals, you may be wasting entire sessions in an unproductive cycle of directionless training.

I never mean to be prescriptive in these posts, nor do I wish to tell you how you should best train. For me, many of these writing exercises are a result of paradigm shifts within my own training and function as an archive for recording my own findings and ideas within Jiu Jitsu.

As always, thanks for reading.



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