Strategy: Dealing with the variables.

Alright take a seat. I’m going to share a short word with you about Strategy. I would mainly like to discuss strategy in respect to competition, as I don’t believe it has the same importance in the training room (where experimentation and exploration should take precedent). Due to popular demand I would like to explore my own thoughts on this topic.


Strategy is about developing a plan that will lead you to success.

Approaching a tournament or even single bout with a “I’m just gonna go and do my thing.” attitude is very unlikely to get the job done against a challenging opponent.

The entire point of correct preparation is to prime yourself to execute techniques that you are most familiar with. A tournament is the place for you to go to your ‘A game’ and see how well it works. If you’re still figuring out your game plan, that is best done in training and not once you shake the ref’ s hand on the day.

There are far too many variables amongst any amount of opponents for you to have answers to all their game plans. The answer to this, in my opinion, is to make sure you are the first person to impose your game in a match. This is one of the greatest keys to victory that I have found repeated success with. Whatever it is you’re planning to do, make sure you do it before your opponent. In this way you can limit the variables and begin to establish strategic control.

Be strategic with your output too. If you know you have six or 7 fights to the finals, don’t go a hundred percent in your first match. In your training, you should have sufficiently prepared to the point that you can moderate your output well enough that you can reach victory without the expenditure of all your energy. If you aren’t doing cardio, I strongly suggest you start. I hear a lot of people talking about “second winds” and these strange ways of looking at endurance. You have to train to improve your endurance. Hoping for a second wind to come is just another variable you don’t need to deal with on the day. Have faith in your cardio and it will save you just as many times as knowing a reversal or escape technique.

The thing about any competition, large or small, is that it’s stressful by nature. There are a lot of things outside your control; the draw of your bracket, when you’re going to compete, referees decisions etc. You do not need to introduce further variables though a lack of correct preparation. Learn to eliminate all the variables that are within your realm of control.

Work on your weaknesses, develop better cardio or speed through training, focus on how you plan to win.

Thanks for reading.



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