The days when you don’t feel like doing it are the most important.

“Damn, I’m so tired.” “I’m really not feeling it today.” “This just isn’t my day.” 

We’ve all heard statements like these before, and most likely thought or said them ourselves at some point. Everyone has those kind of days where nothing is going right, where we’re too stressed or drained to feel up to the challenge of training.

The days when you don’t feel like training are the most important days to train. 


I really like the quote; “If you wait for the perfect day to start, you’ll be waiting forever.” Perfect days are few and far between. Unfortunately,  most days there is something that we inadvertently allow to impact us negatively; our mindset, no matter how strong, can sometimes slip and allow one or two of those negative niggles in.

How do we recover after a bad day? Do something constructive. If you’re an athlete, go train. If you’re an artist, create something. The days when you feel like shit are the most important ones to inject productivity into, doing something constructive will create a positive outcome within the day.

Some of my best training sessions have been after ‘bad days’ or days where I was so drained that I didn’t feel like training. I force myself to go, regardless of how I feel. If it’s a day that I normally train (and I’m not physically injured), I’ll get myself to training knowing that it will make the day better than if I don’t.

Progress doesn’t only happen on the ‘good days’, every day is an opportunity to improve. 

Thanks for reading.



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