Focusing on the ‘Why’.

Why did you start training? Everyone has their reasons, but sometimes we forget. When we are conscious about the ‘why’, it is far easier for us to stay focused and motivated to reach that goal than if we lose track. I want to explore how refocusing yourself on the ‘why’ can re-inject motivation and direction into your training.
When I started training I was in a horrible place physically and emotionally; I was overweight, unhealthy, drinking heavily and very depressed. For me, the reason why I began to train was fully from interest. From my first encounter I became obsessed with how deep Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was, my ‘why’ became mastery; mastery over my opponent, the art and myself. Any time that I’ve drifted away or forgotten about these reasons, I’ve found my motivation or excitement to train floundering.

I now make it a daily routine to ask myself “Why are you going to train today?” and I try to make the answer clear in my mind: “To move closer to mastering this art, mastering myself and mastering my opponent.” (most of the time I’m my own greatest opponent.)

Focus on your own ‘Why’. Ask yourself frequently why you train. Why did you start doing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? If that no longer motivates you, maybe you need to reassess why you’re training. I’ve seen ‘prodigies’ or talented competitors who lose and suddenly stop coming to classes or stop taking their training seriously. If you’re motivated more by a medal than you are by the original reason you started, then it might be time to recenter on those original reasons.

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