Beating the Sedentary Lifestyle: The Fatal Trifecta.

As we continue to look a the Sedentary Lifestyle and its impact on health and well being, I think it is important to mention that it does not only affect the human body physically, but has emotional and psychological effects on the body too. 

Emotionally, those who remain sedentary for extensive periods of time are more prone to negative emotions such as sadness, depression and feelings of isolation. As we sit, our spine experiences pressure and curvature in the lower back that can cause a lack of circulation, bad posture and, more importantly, can make your feel less energized. Our psychology is going to be impacted by this too. The lack of energy we feel will mean we are less motivated & less willing to leave the house, which only adds to feelings of isolation and depression. We often talk about the physical factors, but these are definitely of the same magnitude. 

Some studies have shown that there is a correlation between trauma to the spine and changes in peoples’ moods and energy levels. The reason for this is likely because our spine houses nerve fibers, connects our entire body and is arguable one of the single most vital structures in our body.

Screen time plays a major part in this discussion too, and has huge impacts on our psychology. As a gamer myself, I’m very aware of the impacts that extensive amounts of screen time can have and I’m not always as diligent as I could be. Studies have shown that parts of the brain experience reduced amounts of stimulation when engaged with screen time. This can lead to a reduced capacity for problem solving and critical thinking. Television is worse, however gaming is also considered to have an impact on the brain.

Thanks for reading, at the end of the week I will be summarizing my thoughts on this topic.


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