Beating the Sedentary Lifestyle: Starting out Small

Continuing on the theme from yesterday’s post; Beating the Sedentary Lifestyle: The Modern Day Killer, we will continue looking at ways to overcome the sedentary lifestyle.

Not everyone is suddenly going to be able to say “Damn, you’re right! I need to get out and exercise every day!” That’s how fads start and it’s only a superficial fix. If you go from nothing to everything, it will likely be too much and you will either get injured or burn out and give up. You have to build it up by starting out small. 

For some, rigorous training every day is simply just not possible with a busy schedule or other potential (and legitimate) reasons. I would suggest for this person to start out small. Start with 15 minutes of activity in the day; instead of sitting down at lunch or relaxing at home after work, get outside for a walk or do something that requires some movement and gets your body into an ambulatory state.

After a few weeks, 15 minutes may become 30, or you may be able to find 15 minutes twice a week. All of this is progress. It’s all part of building a healthy habit, very few people start out enjoying the process of exercising. As a teen, and even young adult, I hated exercise! I had to force myself (to the point of self abuse & negative self talk) to get out and run or go lift weights. Even when I first started Jiu-jitsu at university I hated it. I lived 45 minutes from the gym with no transport and I used to run to the gym, train, and run home again… but for my entire final year at university I did that 5 times a week without fail, in rain or sun (and even snow, once!) 

I didn’t do it because I was super disciplined or motivated. I did it because I knew that- such was my state of mind at the time-  if I let it slide even once, I would break all the positive momentum I’d made and slide back into my unhealthy habits. Since then, I’ve been able to build on the foundation of work I put in, but it all started off with a small step. 

Thanks for reading!

More to come this week as we continue to discuss the topic of Beating the Sedentary Lifestyle.


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