Embracing Challenge.

We all face challenges on a day to day basis, how we respond to them is essentially the largest shaping factor in our lives. Do we step up to the challenges presented to us? Or do we back away?

Facing your challenges is the only hope you have to build resilience within yourself. Embrace challenges because of their difficulty and you will find yourself desiring greater and greater challenges. The rewards are not immediately obvious when we face unfamiliar challenges, yet they are still present; hiding beneath the surface. They are also much, much larger than you may imagine. When you finally complete your task & overcome your set of challenges, a change takes place in your mind. Your confidence grows, your belief in yourself is reinforced. When you complete what you set out to do, you affirm yourself and your desires to achieve.

Think about the most memorable days of your life so far. Chances are they were the days where you were challenged and you overcame. The best days of your life are not the meaningless, easy and inconsequential ones; the best days are the ones that presented you with stress, nerves, challenges and made you question yourself. 

We, as human beings, have been impacted more so by conflict than any other factor. Our entire biology has been influenced by it; our minds and our bodies have evolved to deal with conflict and solve problems.

Put yourself to the test: Embrace Challenge. To reject challenge is to reject living life. 



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