Building Pathways: Thoughts on Strategy

Developing strategy and building pathways to success is important. Whether you’re creating a game plan to win a game of chess, finding the fastest way to submit your opponent or planning to create a piece of art, you need to build an effective pathway towards that end goal.

Pathways are more than just physical motions that we go through, it also involves pathways in our mind; adjusting what and how we think.

In the same way that water or electricity find the path of least resistance, the pathways that we look to develop should do the same. We can learn to anticipate areas of resistance or difficulty along any given path. As we develop pathways (and become more proficient in doing so on a regular basis) we become more skilled in not just building the pathway, but in travelling it too.

You will notice that every high level strategist or tactician is extremely adept at creating pathways towards success in their respective field. The black belt at the gym seems to flow down their pathway with the utmost of ease before submitting their opponent, just as the artist produces brush strokes or marks upon a canvas with near perfect precision… This is the pathway; the avenue of the highest efficiency is clear in their mind. When it is clear in your mind, it is clear for your body to follow.

The importance of having a pathway can mean the difference between success and failure. Seeing the desired goal is one thing, but developing effective ways to get to it is another completely. Strategizing and planning an approach to your objective is just as important, if not more, than having one. So often we fall short of our goals because we failed to plan a pathway, whether we fall short by an inch or a mile does not matter. This is the difference that strategy and planning makes. Understand the importance of developing a clear path to your goal and you will begin to understand how to achieve it.

I see this so often with young students and adults alike. Most people will be able to give you some version of their short, mid-term or long-term goals if asked, but how many will be able to tell you how they plan to achieve those goals? Having goals and being driven is not always enough; at some point even the most driven individual will have to work towards their goal. If we have not developed a plan or pathway, even the most dedicated efforts can prove futile without direction that brings us closer to achieving our objective. 

Once you have established what it is that you wish to achieve, develop a pathway & strategy by which to assure your success.



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