Anger: Using it or losing it. 

Denying that there are things that get you angry or frustrated is a straight lie. You’re a human being; your brain has been wired for the emotion since the earliest days of our brains’ development.

Understanding, embracing and learning to control the emotion (and when you feel it) is a hugely important step in your self development.

Channeling your emotions in positive ways can be challenging and there is certainly a fine line between riding a wave of emotions and allowing them to take control. As a martial artist, fine artist or otherwise, we are all first and foremost human beings. As aspirational as it sounds, stoicism (the lack of emotion) is almost biologically impossible for us to achieve. Fear and anger are two emotions which we have been experiencing essentially since our brains were capable of expressing emotions, to try and deny them is to deny our humanity.

Learn to use anger in a positive way. Our biological tendencies are there for us to use for improvement. When we understand ourselves and our emotional triggers, we can begin to understand how to use these not only to motivate ourselves, but remove ourselves from situations where our responses become too destructive or negative for us to turn into a good outcome.

To paraphrase Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, know thyself. Even the subconscious parts of our mind can be our greatest tools when we begin to understand ourselves on a deeper level.



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