Keep Climbing: Thoughts on Reaching lofty heights and New Horizons.

“The higher we go, the wider our horizons become- and the bigger the challenge of looking beyond them”

Yuri Milner

When we set ourselves goals, they often are (and should be) ambitious. The person you are currently may not even be able to achieve that goal. This is a good thing; it means you will have to grow as a person to achieve it.

Climbing a mountain provides a good analogy to achieving a goal. From the foot of the mountain, the peak seems so far away. We may not even have a plan yet on how to climb the mountain yet, but we know that somehow we will find a way. I’ve talked before about setting goals and how to find success at reaching those goals, but what about once we’ve reached them? What’s next? From the peak of the mountain, we can see further. Once we reach success with one goal, we can start to set another. 

20170414_111938.jpgSometimes, the dogged pursuit of a single goal can take years, maybe an entire lifetime. On the occasion that we complete these, we may find ourselves at a loose end. You may find yourself asking, “What do I do now?” or “Where do I go from here?”. 

Your climb, the journey you’ve taken to get to where you are on completion, has raised you to a new height. Completing your goals will likely change you as a person, shift your perception of yourself, the world around you and what you consider to be “success”. From this new altitude, it is a perfect place to assess new goals for yourself. You can see more and understand more than you did before, this will allow you to reach for even greater heights that you couldn’t have even conceived before.

I suppose that this is where some will decide to rest on their laurels; feeling validated by their recent success, we might decide we’ve gone far enough. This is a dangerous narrative, as it only disguises our doubt in ourselves and at being able to achieve something greater. It can be intimidating setting goals, especially when there is already so much inertia that exists, preventing us from getting started. It becomes impossible when we add self doubt to that equation. No one will back you if you don’t back yourself. Remember that.

So, you’ve decided which mountain you plan to climb, you’ve climbed it and finally you stand at the peak. As you look out, you notice the horizon has shifted, at it’s edge stands a peak you hadn’t seen before, make the decision to climb that one too. Climb every mountain you can find for as long as you are able to climb them.

Why set goals? Why complete them? Because without them we waste the fire that fuels our souls, we let it peter out until we are empty, dark and we look back and think “If only I had…” or “What if I had…”. Live your life with intention and constantly seek to broaden your horizons. It’s not just about filling your life, but fulfilling it.



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