Elevate those around you.

Many of us aim to elevate ourselves to reach success, but remembering those around you can often help us to reach that success faster if we help to elevate them.

So often we end up focusing purely on self-elevation; improving ourselves and trying to elevate our own situation. What about those around us? Our friends, family, colleagues or training partners? If we try to elevate them too, helping them to reach their goals, the whole process of climbing to the top of the mountain becomes a whole lot easier, if not a little less lonely.

I like to consider myself and the people I surround myself with ambassadors. I’d like to think that my peer group look to exemplify all the the things that they have discovered to be positive, constructive and good in the world. (I know that sometimes I’m guilty of falling into the traps along the way, but I always try to acknowledge this and refocus. Thus is the reflective part of the journey we all walk.)

As ambassadors of our own beliefs or journey, I think it is crucial that we help others to find a way (not the way, as I do not necessarily believe there is one specific way that everyone should live). By helping those around us, we indirectly help ourselves. Even without concepts like ‘karma’ or ‘paying it forward’, you’re still elevating the quality of living for those around you and their happiness will undoubtedly lead to your experiences with those people being happier ones too.

We live in a modern world were our communities grow smaller every day. Despite feeling like we’re connected through constructs like social media, we are actually drifting away from the very real human connections that everybody needs and craves. We see it reflected in our suicide statistics, the number of people who report suffering from depression and the presence of malicious and often toxic people online and on the streets. We need to make real connections with people, and not only make them, but sustain them and insure that they are healthy & positive. To do this is to take the first step down the path of elevating the whole of humanity.

This is not a direction instructing you to go out and selflessly help everyone you see (of course, I would also never presume to tell you what to do), but sometimes by surrounding yourself with people who want to travel down a path less traveled with you, you are taking the first step to creating a base of support and a group of loyal companions that will last you your whole life.



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