Pulling the Trigger: When to stay, when to go & seizing opportunity. A Discussion on Timing.

We are all told to seize the moment, but what does it take to make that happen? How do we perfect our ability to make the most out of the opportunities life offers us? Whether it’s applying for that dream job, finding the courage to talk to someone new for the first time, executing a technique or running the perfect line, it comes down to something simple. Timing

In 2016, I had the pleasure of attending a Seminar at Axis BJJ NZ with Jason Roebig. Jason is a black belt under Kron and Rickson Gracie. He told us about Kron and Rickson’s mastery of timing being one of their greatest strengths… This really began to percolate in my mind, but only this weekend past did I realize the true gravity in the mastery of timing.

Over the weekend past I competed in a Submission Only Tournament in Hamilton: there’s no time limit, no points, the bout can only end when one competitor submits.  The importance of timing became clear in all four of my bouts. The two fights I won went for about 30 minutes each; I established favorable positions and worked to control my opponents, I eventually capitalized on their mistakes as they progressively became tired and/or frustrated and I was able to use timing to execute my submissions. In my two losses, my opponents were able to impose their strategies and executed techniques with effective timing that I was not able to counter. Having processed the performances of the day, I realized just how important timing is when it comes to capitalizing on any opportunities in life…

We create opportunities by investing effort in an endeavor and making the correct preparations. We then identify those opportunities presented to us. Then, and only then, can we act at the right time, with the correct timing.

Practicing our timing is crucial to improving our ability to seize opportunities as they present themselves to us. It’s a skill that can be improved upon consciously. I don’t think we often consider timing in this way, but after the weekend I totally realize its importance and implications, not just in physical endeavors like Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, but in any pursuit in our lives.


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