Stick to the path: 3 thoughts on following your path.

We all walk a path that has been paved by our past choices and actions. We either walk this path with intention, having paved it with purpose, or we walk a path unintentionally, forced to because of causes we had no control over. Regardless, there is nothing to be gained by not seeing your path to its destination. Today I had three short thoughts about the paths that we walk…

Sometimes the path to your goal is paved. At times, you won’t see where it leads and at times the finish will not be in sight.

We all walk our own paths in life. Every path has its curves, rises & falls and destination. The only certainty we can take into our journeys is that there is no certainty; we can expect nothing and everything. Ambiguity aside, there are a precious few things we need to understand when it comes to walking our path.

One: It’s your path to walk, stick to it. As soon as we start to compare, or attempt to walk another’s path, we will face unnecessary adversity and resistance that does not resonate with our nature.

Two: Don’t stop or move backwards. Every path has a direction for a reason, you are guiding yourself towards something. Make it to the end, not for anyone else, but for yourself.

Three: Don’t rush. The journey is just as important as the destination. The lessons, the experiences, the emotions and trials you face are not obstacles. They are the purpose of the journey.



3 thoughts on “Stick to the path: 3 thoughts on following your path.

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