Siyathakatha by Dominowe is blowing my mind.

Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m in no way a musical aficionado, but I do know how music makes me feel. I’m a big fan of listening to an album from start to finish (and I actually rank my favorite musicians in relation to my favorite albums of theirs, not just single songs.); following a building motif or story  threaded together by the artists’ performance across an entire album. Siyathaktha does this for me in a big way. I stumbled across Dominowe’s debut album earlier this year and it’s become a go-to for helping me to  channel a state of flow. These are some of my thoughts on the album as a whole.

Dominowe’s solo debut album Siyathakatha looms heavy with a sound that is distinctly South African and powerful in it’s measure and pace.

Dominowe’s sound is an honest & original spin on the familiar house genre; it provides a mainline injection of dance/ house to the blood stream with some refreshing depth.

I feel deep sensations of comfort and unease as the tracks build to primal roars of bass, before contracting (like a pair of lungs) to faint, fragile heartbeats of synth drums. I feel like a good album should lead you through some kind of emotional or sensational journey like this; give to the listener some kind of visceral experience beyond just donning some headphones.

From beginning to end, I feel hypnotized and invigorated by the landscape the Dominowe creates for the listener to explore. His tracks have depth and run deep with a clearly South African flavor which he emphasizes with bold drum lines.

I strongly recommend listening to this album with some good speakers or headphones; the way music is meant to be listened to. I believe the album has been released on vinyl too, for the real connoisseurs of sound out there.  Siyathakatha is warm and deep and is a good one for your next gym session, walk/run/walk-run or just some general background listening.



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