Mayweather versus MacGregor: And the winner is…

The fight world is on the verge of witnessing what is being touted as the greatest fight in history. Two worlds, the worlds of boxing and mixed martial arts, collide under the banners of two great names in their respective sports and arguably the greatest pound for pound fighters of the time. But who really wins? 

The answer is simple: MMA wins. The sport, which if we are honest is still in its fledgling years in relative terms of sporting history, has climbed to the apex of sporting entertainment in almost a mere two and a half decades.

I recall watching Dana White gritting his teeth and forcing courtesies with belligerent, bloated boxing promoters in head-to-head style interviews on sporting TV shows whilst he battled to build the legitimacy of the sport. Now, boxers, wrestlers and even Olympians are flocking to mixed martial arts (and the UFC in particular) in the hope of stardom. The sport is on the rise and it shows no signs of slowing down as long as there are entertaining, athletic fighters looking to put on an amazing show for the crowd.

Sadly, boxing has been on the decline for some time. Greedy promoters, boring match ups and fighters scared to ruin their records (or just a general inability to unify the sport, organizations, promotions or belts and titles) have stalled the sport into a state of inertia that seems too gigantic to overcome. This fight does just that. Anyone saying otherwise likely has an agenda that benefits them to say otherwise, or they are salty as hell that they aren’t making bank from this potential pay-per-view masterpiece.

Regardless of the result in this bout, the UFC, Dana White and the sport of MMA win.


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