Practicing Patience: The importance of not rushing towards your goals.

If Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (and indeed martial arts in general) has taught me anything, it’s patience. The more you try to rush to the finish, the more you try to force it, the worse the situation you end up finding yourself in. This can be said for so much more than martial arts, the same applies in work & relationships too.I think being stubborn can be both a strength and weakness. That doggedness to pursue something all the way until the end, that can be truly admirable. It can also be frustrating. Temper stubbornness with some patience however, and you find a match made in heaven when it comes to reaching success.

20160926_123502To elaborate on this idea a little; the more we try to force something to happen, the more we rush it, the bigger the risks are that we did not set something up right in the early stages. We’ve all heard it before: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”, when we rush in without tempering our enthusiasm or stubbornness with patience, we leave open many avenues for failure or setbacks to leak through. This can have disastrous consequences in martial arts, your career or even relationships.

We can’t predict the future, and we probably shouldn’t try to either, as it will only leave us at the starting line wondering what would happen down the line should we embark. However, patience is the stronger, stoic relative to enthusiasm and the calculating brother of stubbornness. If we are able to exercise patience, slow things down and avoid the rush to what is seemingly an ‘easy’ end, we improve on our chances to find greater success by investing the time in positioning ourselves correctly, preparing correctly, whether that be physically, emotionally or mentally.

I was a very impatient kid; I had next to no ability to regulate my desire for something, preferring that hit of instant gratification over the warmth of satisfaction derived from the longer, arguably more rewarding, journey from preparation through performance to pedestal.

So next time you picture yourself at the summit, when you imagine yourself having reached your goals, remember the path of patience you will have to travel first. Bask in it, embrace it and know that the journey will maximize the joy.


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