A willingness to fail

Success very rarely comes from a first attempt. Many of the greatest discoveries have been born of countless failed attempts.

The most successful people within any field share a common trait: a willingness to fail.

A willingness to fail simply means being prepared to make mistakes and learn from them.

You’d be surprised at how unwilling most people are to do anything that might lead to failure. The closed mindset is like that; it’s easier to avoid challenges than to experience any discomfort. But what if being willing to fail meant actually experiencing more success?

Undertaking tasks with a risk of failure is a good thing. Experiencing the stresses of new challenges and stepping up to meet them is an achievement in itself and will teach you more about yourself and how you respond to pressure.

There are very few occasions left in the modern world were failure means the difference between life and death. Engaging in controlled opportunities where we can experience failure and learn from it is a luxury that many previous generations simply didn’t have. Take advantage of that and take a risk. Just as success isn’t guaranteed, neither is failure.

When asking yourself what the worst possible outcome is, remember to frame it objectively against the best possible outcome too.

Thanks for reading.