Gi review: Hyperfly Premium G.T.

Recently I had the pleasure of putting Hyperfly’s new Premium G.T. Gi through it’s paces. Many reviews are concerned with the day to day use of a Gi, but not many take them as far as the competition mats to see how the product fares under the strain of intense competition.

I put the Premium G.T. through its paces at Grappling Industries’ flagship submission only, no time limit event in Sydney recently. The Premium G.T. did not disappoint…

First off, the problem I find when receiving a new Gi is that it is often baggy or simply too long without one or two hot washes. Even in the right size for me (A2), I find the sleeves, body and pants baggy or just a little bit too lengthy; providing easy gripping for my opponents. This was not an issue at all with the Premium G.T.

Straight out the bag at the venue, it was a perfect fit. I’ve never had this with a Gi before. Sleeves and pants were both well within regulation, but I still found them at the shorter length I prefer to compete in.The difference lies in the tailored cut versus the regular cut. Having a variety of cuts really separates Hyperfly from other Gi brands that I have worn before, where the cuts are the same across all their models. I’m a big fan of the tailored cut after this.

Let’s take a look at the specs and details provided by Hyperfly:


  • 450 gsm soft HYPERFLY weave
  • One piece construction with no back seam
  • EVA foam collar
  • Heavy reinforced seams
  • Reinforced 4 inch 10 stitch twill layer inside the sleeves for stronger grip breaking
  • Inside of bottom of skirt has 8 count reinforced tape stitch
  • Tailored fit
  • Not pre-shrunk, wash cold and hang dry
  • YCTH print inside


  • 10oz drill cotton
  • Stretch rope drawstring
  • 6 point loop system
  • Contrasting color stitching
  • Heavy reinforced seams
  • Reinforced double layer stitching
  • Reinforced 4 inch 10 stitch twill layer inside bottom pant legs
  • Not pre shrunk, wash cold and hang dry

Now an important thing to note, the Premium G.T. is not on the light side in terms of weight. The reinforcing, heavier weaves and drill leads to the Gi being noticeably heavier in comparison with the Hyperlyte, which I reviewed previously. So don’t be a weight cutter, wear a dope gi in a division that is a natural weight for you and we won’t have any problems.

Performance wise, the Gi exceeded all my expectations. I felt next to no excessive friction across stress points like my neck, arms or back and I found it easy to defend gripping points due to the tailored cut. The sleeve length and cut is perfect for defending pesky grips and the same can be said of the pants.

Despite fighting 5 tough matches in it, the Gi stayed dry until my final match of the day in the absolute final. I found that the jacket wicked sweat extremely well, which is an obvious plus as no one wants to sit around bathing in a wet gi between matches.

Hyperfly aren’t exaggerating when they say their ‘Hyperfly weave’ is the strongest out there. In every grip fight, the Gi had very little give and did not render easily into tight grips for my opponent.

In summary, this is without a doubt the best Gi I’ve ever worn, never mind competed in.The R&D that went into this shows clearly in its competition readiness and robust design.As a regular rotation Gi, it’s durable and comfortable enough to train in every day and has all the bells and whistles to make it a go-to for competitions with stacked divisions.

When it comes to price ($239.95), you get what you pay for: a premium Gi with top quality material and an excellent cut right out the bag.

You can pick up your own Premium G.T. in white or blue from



When you put on your first Hyperfly Gi, you will know what all the hype is about. The Hyperfly re-defines Jiu-Jitsu for the next generation of athletes. Staying loyal to its ancient Jiu-Jitsu Japanese philosophy based on sophistication defined by its purest simplicity, the Hyperfly is the perfect GI. The Hyperfly weave is the STRONGEST WEAVE IN THE WORLD!” 

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