fight back cbd oil review

FightBackCBD product review: CBD Oil

Last month, I had the pleasure of purchasing some CBD Oil from Justin at FightBack. Having used the product for a month now, I’d like to both present my personal findings, as well as shed a little bit of light on CBD Oil and FightBack in particular.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid which occurs naturally in cannabis plants. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (THC is required to get high) and was previously thought not to be pharmaceutically active when first discovered in 1940. With the legalization of Cannabis in the U.S and abroad, more and more evidence is beginning to point towards the potential benefits of Cannabis and, more particularly to this article, CBD.

I’m not going to go into too much more detail here, as the main purpose of this is to give you an objective product review and discuss a bit of my own experience with CBD Oil so far. Thanks to the joys of the internet, you can find out as much as you would like from a wide range of sources online about potential benefits, uses and effects.

What is FightBack CBD?

So, FightBack is run by Justin out of Austin, Texas. Justin has an extremely positive message that he is promoting through the company:

FightBack is not just another Hemp company.

We were started with purpose. We believe Hemp Oil can be crucial for post training recovery for combat athletes. We believe that combat sports can be help people recover from mental health and substance use disorders. We have seen it.
Our purpose is to generate funding to help people who are recovering from mental health and substance use disorders. A portion of our profits will be used to provide scholarship opportunities for people in recovery. Whether that is paying for gym fees, competition entry, buying a gi or even paying for counseling services. We want to help people become engaged and stay engaged.

Justin is out here doing something overtly positive with FightBack. Not only is he focused on providing a good product, but he is providing positive input into his community. If you haven’t noticed by now, that’s a common thread between all of the guests and people who have featured on the blog so far.
In terms of product, the FightBack CBD comes in 30ml bottles of 600mg CBD oil. Currently, FighBack comes in Bulletproof and Nutivia variants. Lab Results and Internal Analysis can be found below:

Internal Analysis of Fightback’s CBD Oil, courtesy of
Lab Results, courtesy of

My Experience with CBD Oil & FightBack

*For some context: in a given working week, I train four to six nights a week and I will often train twice a day during my term breaks (2 weeks at a time). The biggest barrier in my training is often joint pain and muscular pain, I try to recover using a mix of stretching and yoga, sticking to intermittent fasting 5 to 6 days a week.

I was first introduced to CBD oil by my brother, who lent me a sample. For me, the most noticeable benefit is the reduction in inflammation and joint pain. I’ve noticed in the times that I haven’t used CBD Oil that I struggled noticeably more with inflammation and joint pain than in the times I was consistently using a CBD product. The result of less inflammation means that I am able to train harder, sleep easier after hard training and train more consistently.

Personally I prefer using CBD in the morning when I get up, although I’ll use it at night occasionally too. Bear in mind that cannabis is still illegal in New Zealand. I work in an environment where being high is not appropriate and certainly doesn’t make teaching any easier. I’m trying to find things that keep me healthy and feeling good, that’s a subjective thing and is definitely going to vary from person to person. I can definitely say I feel better using CBD Oil than not, I can also say that I know people who have used it but have not felt a difference. I suppose it’s is going to depend on a varying many factors, such as diet, lifestyle, pre-existing health conditions and even just our general habits.

Right off the bat, I had nothing but great communication and service. Justin is friendly and was very accommodating, especially considering how far he has to ship his product just for it to get into my hands in New Zealand. His prices are very reasonable and, for the quality of product he is selling, is hard to beat.

I could go on, but I encourage you to go out and look at the research behind CBD Oil. A number of people have asked me if it would be beneficial for them, to which I can only say find out.

Thanks for reading.