New Year, New nothing

“2019 is going to be my year”

Is it though?

How much of late December and early January have you spent not working on your goals?

This is the thing that gets me about new years’ resolutions… Why did you only decide to start now?

We under-value the limited time we have on this planet and over-value the occasions to make grand gestures. New Years resolutions are such occasions.

If you got out of shape or let yourself get behind on your progress over the Christmas break, you have no one to blame but yourself.

I want to see people doing good, killing it, hustling… but I feel frustrated when to see people who fail to set goals and stay proactive bring them short of their short, medium or long term goals.

If you want to make every year “your year”, stop waiting and start doing. Don’t do something once and feel accomplished. Create healthy habits and succeed as consistently as you can for as long as you can. That’s the secret. There’s nothing else.

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2018 review

With just over a week left in the year, I’d like to take a moment to say a big thank you, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all the Articulate readers.

In review, it’s been an eventful year from a BJJ perspective. Below, I will do some self-indulgent reflection, so read on if you’re at all interested… Regardless, I’m looking forward to another awesome year in 2019 with more gear reviews, articles and competitions.

Ring the new year in however you feel is appropriate. Make the relevant sacrifices to the gastronomic gods, lament the liver abuse and lazy days with your family & friends.

Remember, resolutions are only fleeting fancies. If you’re not already working towards your goals… Well, Kurt Osiander says it best with his moniker, “You fucked up a LONG time ago.”

Merry Jitsmas and a Happy New Year. Continue reading “2018 review”

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1 Percent every day.

Any practitioner who has been training for a considerable length of time know that the law of diminishing returns is alive and well in Jiu Jitsu. It becomes harder and harder to make improvements and progression in your game, as you find yourself becoming more and more concerned by minuscule details and fraction of an inch positioning.

It’s discouraging, no doubt, but that is the pursuit of mastery for you…

If you can improve by 1% every day, you are still moving forwards.   Continue reading “1 Percent every day.”

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Grappling: A systematic science

If there is one lesson we can learn from the grapplers at the elite level, it’s that systematic approaches to grappling are far more effective than simply a well rounded game. The grappler that has perfected a specific system is far more likely to come out on top in an exchange with an all-rounder.

I want to explore 4 reasons for this; with respect to positional understanding, technical ability, timing and meta-cognition. Continue reading “Grappling: A systematic science”

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Should Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu be at the Olympics?

The Olympic games is considered the preeminent event for any athletic discipline. Should Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  be included? Of course, with organizations like the IBJJF and the SJJIF both vying to push the sporting/competitive aspect of the sport on an international scale & establishing uniform rule sets, the conversation moves more and more towards whether we see it being inducted as an Olympic sport.

Exploring both sides of the argument, I’d like to discuss whether an inclusion in the Olympics make sense for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a martial art. Continue reading “Should Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu be at the Olympics?”

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Staying motivated.

Sometimes your motivation to train is simply not what it once was. Maybe you feel that there are new priorities in your life you need to attend to, you’re not satisfied by the rate you’re improving at or you’ve over cooked it a few weeks running… Whatever the reason, sometimes the motivation is simply not there.

After any length of time training, working or following any chosen pursuit, you will find that your motivation & dedication are tested by factors that often feel outside of our control. I want to say two things about this today.

First, I want to explain how these factors are entirely within your control. Second, I want to impart a simple technique you can use every day to stay motivated. Continue reading “Staying motivated.”

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Running your own race

It’s been said that comparison is the enemy of contentment.

There is nothing wrong with having competitive drive, some of the greatest people in human history have been driven by the need to be the best. The problem occurs when we start to compare ourselves against the standards of others. Because we aren’t able to fully understand the lives, goals & expectations of others we’ll never be content comparing ourselves to someone else. Continue reading “Running your own race”